I'm sure you'd agree!!!!
I'm so proud of them.
They performed soooo well for you!


The Kindergarten Musical is April 6th! Please mark your calendars.

Costume information: 

There are no special costumes for your child’s musical.  I have made lots of tiny flags that will be pinned to your child’s chest. 

            I encourage all children to dress nicely, but must ask that they NOT wear NOISY shoes (due to microphones).  If you have a daughter and she wants to wear a dress, that’s fine, just make sure it’s not too short, because she may be sitting on the floor at times.

If you have questions, please email

Thank you!  Jennifer Otten: Kindergarten Music director.

Tech Day! 
Thank You Colby Music Boosters for purchasing our classroom iPads!!!

Christmas Caroling Downtown!
(and we got to ride a bus too!!!)


All rhythm instruments have been introduced to Kindergarten! It's a big day! Now we will review them regularly so we can get them all checked off by the end of the year!  YEAH!
HERE is copy that parents are welcome to print off at home to help practice! If your child should come home with some already printed off, it means they are BEHIND! Please help your little one review the names!

Thank you!  Mrs. Otten



Ten in the Bed....Acting!!


16 Instrument Flash Card Set.xlsx

Mark your calendars!

Kindergarten Musical

April 6th, 2017

7 pm ONLY

CGS Auditorium

----------------------------------2015-2016 School year----------------------------------------
Freeze Dance!

GREAT JOB KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you!

Dear Kindergarten parents:

            I just wanted to let you know the plans on April 5th, for your child’s musical. 

            I encourage all children to wear cowboy or farm clothes, but must ask that they NOT wear NOISY shoes (due to microphones) or HATS (covering up other children behind them..  If you have a daughter and she wants to wear a dress, that’s fine, just make sure it’s not too short, because she may be sitting on the floor at times.

            I STRONGLY encourage you to attend your child’s performance.  They have worked VERY hard on this musical for a couple of months now.  Your support of their effort is VERY important to them.  I believe that your child is a “STAR,” as I would hope you do to.

            Thanks for all your help!  You’ve all been terrific.  See you on the 5th.


Kindergarten music teacher...................Jennifer Otten


Kindergarten Music Schedule


April 5th, 2016


Return at 6:30 p.m. for make-up and run through

(we will meet in the CGS gym)

6:55 head to the stage.


Dear Kindergarten Parents

            As I’m sure you’ve heard, we’ve begun working on our spring musical, “A Day in the Country.”  It will be on Tuesday, April 5th at 7 p.m.  There will only be this evening performance!

            If your child has lines to memorize, they should have come home already. Lines should be memorized by March 21st.

            On the reverse side of this letter is the cast list with assigned parts.  Listed below are the ideas I have for costumes.  For those of you who are new to my musical “experience,” please DO NOT purchase brand new items for these costumes.  If we work together, borrowing and sharing, every child should be able to have a cute costume, without their parents going broke. Please look the list over and send anything you’d be willing to share. Also, please try to send short-sleeved and light clothing only, the stage lights get VERY hot!  If you have any questions, please email me or give me a call!

Animals:  We have masks.  The kids should just wear clothing to match the masks.  Dog: black or brown.  Horse: Gray or Black.  Pig:  pink.  Lamb & cow:  black & white.  Chickens:  white or red.  Duck:  yellow.

Old MacDonald:  Farmer clothing.

This Old Man:  We want him to be old.  A old hat/jacket would be cute.  I have a cane.

John J. S.:  White t-shirt, Green or black nickers or pants tucked into long black socks. Black shoes. We have a hat and other “irish” accessories.

Aunt Josie Lou/Guitar Girl:  Cowgirl outfits.


Rest of the cast:  Any type of a hillbilly, cowboy or farmer attire will be fine.  Frilly dresses won’t work (the kids will be sitting on the floor of the stage)

Thank you!  Mrs. Otten

Kindergarten Musical is April 5th at 7 pm…..Mark your calendar! It will be a fun time!
k 2016

Christmas Caroling at Swartz Veterinary Hospital :)

Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Patch
Looking for a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Here is one, nice and fat, turn into a Jack-o-Lantern just like that!

Group Jack-o-Lantern creates made while chanting the above poem.


            Kindergarten music teacher.............  Mrs. Otten