First Grade

WOWOWOW!  You should be so proud of your children! They made miracles happen in just a couple of rehearsals! Again...if you see their classroom teacher be sure to THANK THEM TOO! I am so proud of your kiddos! Here are some highlights from the NIGHT performance. Remember: if you'd like a copy of the DVD, send $7 to school with your child. Please make checks payable to "Sherry Mead."



Dear Parents:

            The day for your child’s musical is fast approaching.  I wanted to get this schedule to you so you could start making arrangements to get your little “star” to the show.  The kids have really been working hard and I know they are anxious for you to see their performance.  I am very proud of each child as I’m sure you will be too.

            Thanks for all your help,

            Mrs. Otten

Thursday, March 2nd

Afternoon performance:

1:00 a.m. Begin dressing/make-up

1:40 Warm-up and Run through Songs in Gymnasium

1:55 Head to the stage



After afternoon performance, teachers will send CLOTHING home (wings/antennas stay here.)


Evening performance:

6:30 p.m. All kids meet in Gymnasium for Make-up and Warm-up

6:55 Head to the stage again!




THE 1st Grade Musical is MARCH 2nd....see information below :)

Dear 1st Grade Parents:

            Auditions have been held and I’m sure some of you already have heard what part your child has been given.  If you haven’t, the assignments are below. 

             Now we can start concentrating on costumes!  I know it seems early, but It’s only a few weeks away.  As always, I don’t expect you to go out and buy what is needed.  I believe that if we work together: some bringing for others to use and such, that we will be able to find what is needed.  I want all children to bring their costumes on February 13th, so that if some are still looking for costumes, will have time to locate one before the musical.

Please remember that stage lights are HOT,

short sleeves are best!

Stink Bug: Dirty, little-beetle like bug; Brown clothes?  I have garlic to hang around her neck.

Praying Mantis:  Just green clothing.

Honey Bee:  I have an outfit, all we need is black or yellow tights.

Yellow Jacket:  I can make wings for this if you don’t have any, black pants/shorts, shirt with yellow jacket or something.......or whatever you may have.

Gypsy Moth:  Any gypsy type clothing (skirt/shirt?)  I can make wings.

Horsefly:  Just black clothes with maybe a cowboy vest and boots......please NO HAT.

Monarch Butterfly:  I have Mrs. Cox working on her wings.  Just some orange clothes and maybe a tiara.

Maggot:  Yellowish, white gauze wrapping (like Ace bandages)

Dragonfly:  A Dragon costume anyone?....or all black clothes.  I can make her wings.

Boll Weevil:  Covered with lots of cotton balls.

Lady  Bugs:  Black clothing. I've got wings/antennas

Caterpillars:  These kids need plain green clothing....I've made wings for their “transformation” into butterflies.

Army Ants:  Camo/khaki clothing. I’ll make the antennas.

Fireflies:  Dressed in all black.....I’ll add wings and flashlights.

Butterflies:  I have wings and antennas....just pink or white clothes.

Flipping Beetle:  I have a black cape...just black clothing

Other Bugs:  Whatever you wish for your child to be....if you need wings, let me know and I can make them for you, just let me know color and design before February me with your ideas.


AGAIN: please remember that stage lights are HOT,

short sleeves are best!


If you have questions: 

Mrs. Otten---1st grade music teacher   


Cast of Characters


Stink Bug:  ***                        Praying Mantis:  Ashlynn

Honey Bee:  Julia                            Yellow Jacket:  Levi 

Dot: Josalyn                                    Gypsy Moth:  Alyssa

Horsefly: Neale                           Dragonfly:  Fia

Maggot: ***                               Flipping Beetle:  Keaton

Boll-Weevil: Ames                       Nice Bug:  Jensen 

Monarch Butterfly:  ***

Mean Bugs: Madelynn, Peyton and Joey

Lady  Bugs:  Josalyn, Brielle, Peyton, Naomi, ***, Joey, Bree, Myka, Jesiree

Caterpillars:  Shayna, Lacey, Ali, Dalton, Kaya, Aletha, Kaden, Tatum and Blaine

Army Ants:  Kaycen, Madelynn, Pierce, ***, Baylee, Dakota, Bailey, Laken, Huntley, Isaac

Fireflies:  Searee, Logan, Jude, Theron, Emmitt, Wyatt, Brody and Tage

Butterflies: Ali, Ashlynn, Acelynn, and Laura

Other bugs: Jarett,  ***, Jonathan, Landon, ***, Jeancarlo, Julian, Corbin, Brody, Conner, Angel and Jaden

Introduction: Logan and Wyatt


Bugs with Singing Solos:

Going on a Picnic:  Madelynn, *** and Levi

Be a Lady:  Josalyn and Peyton

March of the Army Ants: Bailey and Laken

Going on a Picnic (Reprise):  Madelynn, *** and ***

***Names omitted per Web Consent documentation

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
Our radio Spot!!!
First graders Caroling 2016.mp3


This past Friday we had a TECH day with the iPads and iPods in the music room!

One bottle of Pop:
Ask your child to sing this AND explain what they are saying! Each student performed an ostinatto to go with the tune on the resonator bells! They love instruments!

1 bott;e
16 Instrument Flash Card Set.xlsx
Above are the instruments your child will be assessed on this year. They will need to know all their names by the end of the year. You are welcome to download this flash card set and work at home. IF your child should receive a set of these as homework, it would indicate they are BEHIND and need help.  Thank you for helping your child be successful!

Mark your Calendars!


1st Grade Musical

March 2nd, 2017

2 and 7 pm

CGS Auditorium

There's a Hole in the Bucket

Primary Music Videos: Mrs. Otten Pintrest

------------------------------------2015-2016 School year--------------------------------------

Mark you calendars!  On February 23rd at 2 and 7 pm , we will have our MUSICAL! WHOOT WOOT!! 

1st 2016

Concert Etiquette Review: Behaviors and Manners for Concerts/Musicals/Shows!


Whack-a-note: Music reading activity.  What a fun way to review?!? Whack the correct answer with a blow-up bat!!

Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Patch
Looking for a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Here is one, nice and fat, turn into a Jack-o-Lantern just like that!

Group Jack-o-Lantern creates made while chanting the above poem.