Awesome Websites
                                                    Really Cool Links!


Check out links to a variety of games across the internet that relate to the various topics we are working on.  You can find games and information for math, reading, spelling and more!


Practice each week's Social Studies vocabulary and content with really fun games!  Log into this website using the log in you were provided at the beginning of the year.  Choose from one of the assigned topics, and choose a fun game format to play in.  I think you'll have a lot of fun!


This research-based program is guaranteed to improve your reading skills!  It has worked again and again in multiple districts.  We are so lucky to have it in ours!  The only way it will work is if you log in and use it everyday!  If you are more than one grade level behind in reading, please consider logging in everyday!

Spelling City

You can find each of our weekly spelling lists online.  The best way to find me is to search for our school by our zip code.  Then, choose the correct school.  Next, choose my name.  Last, choose this week's list.  I encourage you to use the site to play games and prepare for the test.  The most important piece of advice I can give you for preparing for a spelling test is this: only practice the words you don't know.  Take a new practice test everyday -- and then, only practice the words you missed. 

If you know you are going to be absent on Friday, I would love it if you would take the test at home, and bring a printed version of the results with you on Monday, (or before you leave on Thursday.)

You will also find some extra credit spelling lists.  These are made up of important fourth grade sight words (written by Rebecca Sitton).  To receive extra credit, simply practice these lists using the online tools provided.  Then, take a test on your own time.  I will award up to 10 points for each test (so each correct word is worth 1/2 point.)  You may only take each test once.  I would appreciate it if a parent would supervise the test to ensure that their child took the test honestly.

Watch a math video that goes along with every enVisions lesson!  You can find out what we are learning, or get step-by-step examples for the homework.  There are even some fun games you can play.   Your password is the same for this site as it is for PowerSchool.  It should be in your planner. 

My On Reader

Have you ever seen a cool book that you wanted to explore... until you saw all those words?  Well, this site will help.  MyOn will read the story to you.   There are hundreds of cool books to choose from. 

Math Facts Songs

Here is a link to a very simple You Tube video that I created.  It shows all of the math facts songs that we use in class.  It might help you get faster and more accurate with your math facts.