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Faculty Email
Administration and Support Staff

Terrel Harrison Superintendent
Janel Andrews Executive Assistant
Jody Luckert School Nurse
Gary Barton Maintenance/Grounds Director
Nikol Nolan
Food Service Director
Christie Cersovsky District Substitute Clerk
Jo DeYoung Business Manager
Mary Beth Flanagin Bookkeeper
Pat Hamilton Custodial Services Director
Miran Krannawitter Curriculum Secretary
Rhonda Kropp Bookkeeping Assistant
Shawn Reinert Technology/Powerschool Advisor
Cindy Black
Transportation Director-
Ed Dankenbring  Tansportation Director-
Diana Wieland K-12 Curriculum Director
Brenda Younger Copy Center Clerk

High School

Troy Keiswetter
High School Principal
Larry Gabel HS Asst. Principal/ Athletics Director
Maria Benefield Special Education
 Travis Betz
English/Special Ed.
 Kevin Brown
Social Studies
Lynn Carpenter Career Academy Fac.
Joni Clark-Leiker Counselor & Career Services
 Katie Coulter
Asst. AD/Secretary
Melinda Fikan TCLC Director
Cindie Franz Paraprofessional
Lamoreaux Fulwider Technical Education
Paige Gawith English Language Arts
Camille Giersch Library Media Specialist
Chris Giersch Science and Health Occupations
Kacie Goetz Careers/Counseling Registrar
Steve Hansen Paraprofessional
Donna Henry English Language Arts
Carol Hunter Paraprofessional
 Miranda Kizer  Paraprofessional
Becky Lampe Paraprofessional
Michelle Lunsway TCLC Teacher
Jessica McCoy Mathematics
Desirae Melgoza
Kimberly Munk Business
Shelly Myers English Language Arts
 Melissa Nichols
Joey Nickols Instrumental & Vocal Music
Gordon Rasmussen Science & Woods
Cindy Reinert Family and Consumer Science
Donna Roberts Art
Gene Robert Paraprofessional
 Denita Rodgers
Katie Rose Accompanist
Nancy Rundel Social Sciences, Drama
& Speech
Tom Rundel Agriculture
Ed Schmitt Physical Education
Joan Schwarz Laundry Aide
 Matt Sims
 Anna Stithem
 Liv Stover
Special Education
 Christy Sturdy
Hollie Timson Foreign Lang.-Spanish
Sally Toth At-Risk Facilitator
Sharon Vap Paraprofesional
 Kayla Weilert
Sandy Wilks Media Clerk
Rick Willams Social Studies
Brent Wilson

Middle School

Robb Ross MS Principal/MS AD
Ryan Becker
Travis Betz
Special Education
Nikki Brattin Accompanist
Debra Collins Mathematics
Danita Comfort Special Education Services
Jeanne Cox Art
Kevin Cox Physical Education
Kelly Draper Media Clerk
Chris Gardner Social Studies
Camille Giersch
Social Studies/Library
Vicky Giesenhagen Paraprofessional
Tamy Huff Paraprofessional
Brandi Jones
Sherry Kinderknecht Mathematics
Cheryl Kogler Paraprofessional
Todd Murdock Social Studies
Jill Nickols MS Vocal/ Band
Joey Nickols MS Band
Nancy Ohlrogge
Paige Pfeifer
Troy Rall Science
Gordon Rasmussen
Tom Rundel
Ed Schmitt Physical Education
Andrea Schuette English
Deann Shields Secretary/Powerschool Asst.
 Missy Siruta
Kyle Shively Counselor
Matt Sims Mathematics
Lesley Wagoner
Brad Wildeman Science

Grade School

Lance Krannawitter GS Principal
Krista Alexander 2nd grade
Shirley Arnberger 3rd grade
Tawnia Bange 2nd grade
Norm Behring Physical Education
Bonny Brown Speech/Language Pathologist
Melissa Brown Paraprofessional
Shanda Brown Kindergarten
Tami Brown PE/ MS Secretary
Shana Carman Speech/Language Pathologist
Erica Carter Special Education Services
Katie Coulter Paraprofessional
Kevin Cox Physical Education
Ginny Curry Head Start Paraprofessional
Sarah Diercks Paraprofessional
Karen Dilts Early Childhood
Vicki Edgar Title I Math
Josh Faber 4th grade
Amanda Fromholtz Paraprofessional
Mara Dee Fulwider 1st grade
Janell Griffin Head Start Paraprofessional
Leanna Hoeme Paraprofessional
Harriet Holloway Support Services Clerk-K-12
Jody Luckert RN School Nurse
Jennifer Koel Music Instructor
Kathy Lindberg Paraprofessional
Jamie McClure Title I Reading
 Sara McKnight
Special Education
Kelsie McMillan Paraprofessional
Samantha Miller Paraprofessional
Carol Morgan Paraprofessional
Jim Myers 4th grade
Vicki Nickols GS Support Services
Jason Ostmeyer 3rd grade
LeAnn Ostmeyer 3rd grade
Judy Parker Head Start Instructor
Becky Quenzer Title I Reading
Jennifer Rall 5th grade
Nicole Ratzlaff Paraprofessional
Terry Roberts Psychologist K-12
Flo Rodriguez Paraprofessional
Julie Ross 1st grade
Pamela Rundel Special Education Services
Rose Schacher Paraprofessional
Dana Schmid Speech Paraprofessional
Laura Schmid Head Start Aide
Robin Schwanke 5th grade
Shawna Schwarz Head Start Aids
Sally Smith Reading
Trish Starbuck Art Instructor
Krysti Terrell 1st grade
Amy Torrance Paraprofessional
Laurie Turner Paraprofessional
Marcia Wagoner Paraprofessional
Annette Wetter Secretary
Alex Williams 4th grade
Kim Wolf Kindergarten
Stacy Wolf (Mrs. Stacy) Kindergarten