Faculty Email

Administration and Support Staff

Katina Brenn
Superintendent kbrenn@colbyeagles.org
Janel Andrews Executive Assistant jandrews@colbyeagles.org
Jennifer Eatherly
School Nurse jeatherly@colbyeagles.org
Gary Barton Maintenance/Grounds Director gbarton@colbyeagles.org
Lynn Carpenter
Curriculum Secretary
Christie Foss
District Substitute Clerk 315subclerk@gmail.com
Jo DeYoung Business Manager jdeyoung@colbyeagles.org
Pat Hamilton Custodial Services Director phamilton@colbyeagles.org
Miran Krannawitter Bookkeeper
Rhonda Kropp Bookkeeping Assistant rkropp@colbyeagles.org
Nikol Nolan  Food Service Director  nnolan@colbyeagles.org
Shawn Reinert Technology/Powerschool Advisor sreinert@colbyeagles.org
Cindy Black
Transportation Director-
Diana Wieland K-12 Curriculum Director dwieland@colbyeagles.org
Brenda Younger Copy Center Clerk byounger@colbyeagles.org

High School

Troy Keiswetter
High School Principal tkeiswetter@colbyeagles.org
Lance Krannawitter
HS Asst. Principal/ Athletics Director lkrannawitter@colbyeagles.org
Ryan Becker
Social Studies/Robotics
Maria Benefield Special Education mbenefield@colbyeagles.org
Travis Betz
Special Education tbetz@colbyeagles.org
Lynn Carpenter Career Academy Fac.
Joni Clark-Leiker Counselor & Career Services jcl@colbyeagles.org
Katie Coulter
Career Academy Fac.
Melinda Fikan TCLC Director tclc@colbyeagles.org
Mary Beth Flanagin
Asst. AD/Secretary
Cindie Franz Paraprofessional cfranz@colbyeagles.org
Lamoreaux Fulwider Technical Education lfulwider@colbyeagles.org
Paige Gawith English Language Arts
Camille Giersch Library Media Specialist/Social Studies camillegiersch@colbyeagles.org
Chris Giersch Science and Health Occupations chrisgiersch@colbyeagles.org
Kacie Goetz Careers/Counseling Registrar kgoetz@colbyeagles.org
Steve Hansen Paraprofessional shansen@colbyeagles.org
Donna Henry English Language Arts
Silvia Mainus
TCLC Paraprofessional

Rachel Mapps
TCLC Instructor

Kathy Myers
Shelly Myers English Language Arts
Melissa Nichols
Mathematics mnichols@colbyeagles.org
Joey Nickols Instrumental & Vocal Music joeynickols@colbyeagles.org
Gordon Rasmussen Science & Woods grasmussen@colbyeagles.org
Cindy Reinert Family and Consumer Science creinert@colbyeagles.org
Gene Robert Paraprofessional grobert@colbyeagles.org
Denita Rodgers
Secretary drodgers@colbyeagles.org
Nancy Rundel Social Sciences, Drama
& Speech
Ed Schmitt Physical Education eschmitt@colbyeagles.org
Joan Schwarz Laundry Aide
Matt Sims
Mathematics msims@colbyeagles.org
Sara Sloan
Ag ssloan@colbyeagles.org
Trish Starbuck
Art tstarbuck@colbyeagles.org
Christy Sturdy
Chemistry/Physics csturdy@colbyeagles.org
Hollie Timson Foreign Lang.-Spanish htimson@colbyeagles.org
Sally Toth At-Risk Facilitator stoth@colbyeagles.org
Sharon Vap Paraprofesional svap@colbyeagles.org
Lesley Wagoner
Business lwagoner@colbyeagles.org
Bradley Weese
Paraprofessional bweese@colbyeagles.org
Sandy Wilks Media Clerk swilks@colbyeagles.org
Rick Willams Social Studies rwilliams@colbyeagles.org

Middle School

Robb Ross MS Principal/MS AD rross@colbyeagles.org
Larry Gabel
MS Asst. Principal/AD
Andrea Arnoldy
English aarnoldy@colbyeagles.org
Ryan Becker
Physical Education
Travis Betz
Special Education tbetz@colbyeagles.org
Nikki Brattin Accompanist
Debra Collins Mathematics dcollins@colbyeagles.org
Danita Comfort Special Education Services dcomfort@colbyeagles.org
Jeanne Cox Art 5th-6th
Kevin Cox Physical Education kcox@colbyeagles.org
Kelly Draper Media Clerk kdraper@colbyeagles.org
Lamoreaux Fulwider
Art 7th/8th
Chris Gardner Social Studies/Science/ cgardner@colbyeagles.org
Camille Giersch
Vicky Giesenhagen Paraprofessional vgiesenhagen@colbeagles.org
Tamy Huff Paraprofessional thuff@colbyeagles.org
Brandi Jones
English bjones@colbyeagles.org
Sherry Kinderknecht Mathematics skinderknecht@colbyeagles.org
Todd Murdock Social Studies tmurdock@colbyeagles.org
Jill Nickols MS Vocal/ Band jillnickols@colbyeagles.org
Joey Nickols MS Band
Nancy Ohlrogge
Paraprofessional nohlrogge@colbyeagles.org
Troy Rall Science trall@colbyeagles.org
Gordon Rasmussen
Woods grasmussen@colbyeagles.org
Robin Schwanke
English/Social Studies
Deann Shields Secretary/Powerschool Asst. dshields@colbyeagles.org
Missy Siruta
Secretary msiruta@colbyeagles.org
Kyle Shively Counselor kshively@colbyeagles.org
Sara Sloan
Ag ssloan@colbyeagles.org
Sally Toth
Reading/MTSS stoth@colbyeagles.org
Laurie Turner
Paraprofessional lturner@colbyeagles.org
Lesley Wagoner
Technology lwagoner@colbyeagles.org
Brad Wildeman Science bwildeman@colbyeagles.org

Grade School

Robb Ross
GS Principal/AD rross@colbyeagles.org
Larry Gabel
Asst. GS Principal/AD
Alicia Albers
1st grade
Krista Alexander 2nd grade kalexander@colbyeagles.org
Courtney Amundson
Headstart Aide

Shirley Arnberger 3rd grade sarnberger@colbyeagles.org
Martha Balbuena
Headstart Aide
Tawnia Bange 2nd grade tbange@colbyeagles.org
Bonny Brown Speech/Language Pathologist bbrown@nkesc.org
Melissa Brown Library Paraprofessional mbrown@colbyeagles.org
Shanda Brown Kindergarten sbrown@colbyeagles.org
Shana Carman Speech/Language Pathologist scarman@nkesc.org
Erica Carter Special Education Services ecarter@colbyeagles.org
Jeanne Cox
Art jcox@colbyeagles.org
Roni Dietz
Physical Education
Karen Dilts Early Childhood kdilts@nkesc.org
Mara Dee Fulwider
Title I Math mfulwider@colbyeagles.org
Josh Faber 4th grade jfaber@colbyeagles.org
Mara Dee Fulwider 1st grade mfulwider@colbyeagles.org
Janell Griffin Head Start Paraprofessional thomashs@nkesc.org
Harriet Holloway Support Services Clerk-K-12 hholloway@colbyeagles.org
Kathy Lindberg Paraprofessional klindberg@colbyeagles.org
Jessica Linman
3rd grade
Don Martin
Paraprofessional dmartin@colbyeagles.org
Jamie McClure Title I Reading jmcclure@colbyeagles.org
Sara McKnight
Special Education
Vicki Nickols Reading Specialist
Linda Niermeier
Paraprofessional lniermeier@colbyeagles.org
Jason Ostmeyer 3rd grade jostmeyer@colbyeagles.org
Jennifer Otten
Music jotten@colbyeagles.org
Judy Parker Head Start Instructor jparker@nkesc.org
Rachel Platt
Becky Quenzer Title I Reading rquenzer@colbyeagles.org
Jennifer Rall 3rd grade jrall@colbyeagles.org
Nicole Ratzlaff Paraprofessional nratzlaff@colbyeagles.org
Megan Rietcheck
Kindergarten mrietcheck@colbyeagles.org
Terry Roberts Psychologist K-12 troberts@colbyeagles.org
Flo Rodriguez Paraprofessional frodriguez@colbyeagles.org
Julie Ross 1st grade jross@colbyeagles.org
Dana Schmid Speech Paraprofessional dschmid@nkesc.org
Laura Schmid Head Start Aide thomashs@nkesc.org
Shawna Schwarz Head Start Aids thomashs@nkesc.org
Kyle Shively
Counselor kshively@colbyeagles.org
Sally Smith Reading/4th Grade
Anna Stithem
Paraprofessional astithem@colbyeagles.org
Krysti Terrell 2nd grade kterrell@colbyeagles.org
Kathy Vaughn
After School Program Director
Marcia Wagoner Paraprofessional mwagoner@colbyeagles.org
Shirley Weber
Paraprofessional sweber@colbyeagles.org
Annette Wetter Secretary awetter@colbyeagles.org
Alex Williams 4th grade awilliams@colbyeagles.org
Kim Wolf Kindergarten kwolf@colbyeagles.org
Stacy Wolf (Mrs. Stacy) 1st grade